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Ready for your return to work, after having a baby?

Your maternity leave is intended for recovery and getting used to early parenthood. During this period, you are fully dedicated to your newborn and everything that comes with it. However, your regular daily life really starts when you return to work and your leave comes to an end. The early parenthood combined with your professional life is truly a journey of development.

But how do you approach this?

In maybe a strange country with other rights and values?
How do colleagues handle your comeback?
How do you deal with sudden doubts, uncertainties, and feelings of guilt?
What about your ambitions en professional development?
What do you think you need in this phase? What kind of support?
Who is going to help you with all of these challenges?

I believe that every new ambitious mother deserves appropriate support in her return to work. Are you curious about how I can support and guide you? I offer various one-on-one coaching, even if you've already started and could use some assistance. Feel free to reach out for more information.

Good to know, my one-on-one coaching program can be covered, if available, from your professional development budget at work.

My mission is to give you a powerful start in your return to work

My name is Anuska, entrepreneur and mother of three kids. It is my mission to give parents a powerful start in their return to work after having a baby. I am an experienced professional and coach in the corporate world.

Also as a working mom, I understand what it's like to navigate a society where there is often a taboo around the early stages of motherhood for ambitious working mothers.

Since becoming a mother in 2017, I have embarked on an accelerated journey of self-development that continues to this day. I started delving into the intricacies of early parenthood, sparking a growing interest in discovering my true self and defining how I want to approach life.

In the meantime, I know what it's like to take control of your return to work, and I am firmly convinced that this approach is not only beneficial in the early stages of parenthood but also for the long term.

Yes! I want to develop myself as a new working mother!

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